Are you looking for a varicose veins treatment that can really help you? Well, for simple problems, it usually only involves a change in lifestyle, maybe some dietary changes or the use of compression stockings. But there are those who suffer from severe pain, maybe blood clots or even skin problems. For such people, the varicose veins treatment would be quite different. They would need a medical procedure done by professionals. The first thing would be to go to your personal physician who would be making a decision based on your age, on how healthy you are, the extent of the varicose veins as well as your symptoms.


Basically, Varicose Vein treatment can be put into two categories. One is when the doctor closes up the veins and the other when he/she removes it completely.

Closing of Veins – This means that the doctor decides to do your varicose veins treatment by closing the veins. The closed veins obviously fade away, and the blood flow moves to other veins.

Sclerotherapy – Basically this Varicose Vein treatment involves the injection of a solution directly into the vein which causes the blood flow to change, and the blood flows into healthier veins. The vein that has been closed or collapsed is reabsorbed into tissue. However, this kind of Varicose veins treatment might need several treatments maybe 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Micro Sclerotherapy – This is just a similar process which is used for treating smaller varicose veins.

Endovenous ablation therapy – In this varicose veins treatment, the doctor would be using radio waves or lasers for the closing of the varicose veins.  A small cut would be done, and a tube would be inserted which would use radio waves or lasers to create heat which in turn closes the vein.

Laser therapy – This kind of varicose veins treatment uses high-intensity light which is used to close up the veins. This is usually done for small varicose veins.

Endoscopic vein surgery – This kind of varicose veins treatment is usually done if you have severe skin ulcers. This uses a small camera attached on a tube which is then threaded into your vein.

Removal of Veins – There are two kinds of procedures for the removal of veins.

Ambulatory phlebectomy – This Varicose veins treatment is used when the veins are much closer to the surface of the skin. In this, the doctor would be using local anesthesia, and he/she removes the veins with the help of small cuts.

Vein stripping and ligation – This varicose veins treatment is used in more serious cases. General anesthesia is given wherein the doctor cuts the skin and ties off the veins to remove them. Sometimes the doctor would try and leave the saphenous vein which can be later used for heart bypass surgery. The recovery time for such a surgery is anywhere from a week to 4 weeks.

The usual side effects after any kind of varicose veins treatment are the change in skin color, slight pain, swelling or bruising. However, vein stripping and ligation can lead to serious side effects. There could be complications like infection, blood clots, severe pain or scarring. However, these are rare and not much likely to happen if you follow your doctor’s advice.