There are a variety of scaffoldings that are in use today throughout the world on a large scale mainly in the construction and many other fields. Some of the types of scaffolds are stated below:

  1. Trestle Scaffolds– These types of scaffolds are mainly seen on movable platforms in the form of working stations placed on top of a tripod or ladder. These scaffolding structures reach to a height of five meters and are used for interior works like repairing of rooms, fixing paintings, in art galleries, etc.
  2. Steel Scaffolds– This form of scaffolding structure is made of tubes that are built of steel and uses steel joints as its fittings too in the form of couplers. These are relatively simple structures for operation while erecting and dismantling. These are highly robust in nature and have a greater amount of durability. This scaffolding structure is made of superior quality material that is resistive to fire. These are a bit pricey compared to the other form of scaffolding structures but provides an enhanced form of safety and security to all the workers who use it. These are in precise use in the present era due to its stable nature.
  3. Patent scaffolds– These are scaffolding structures that are also made using steel as the main component. These have specialized fittings in the form of couplers and a variety of frames that supports the structure. These scaffolds are readily available in the marketplace for sale and can be directly purchased from both online and offline modes. The working platform is mainly mounted on brackets that can be easily adjusted at the needed height and level.
  4. Suspended scaffolds– These scaffolds are widely in use for the purpose of painting and repair related processes. These scaffolding structures mainly comprise of wires, ropes, and chains, as its primary components. The platform is suspended in the air with the help of these components from a roof which can be lowered and lifted according to convenience.
  5. Cantilever scaffolds– The standards in these forms of scaffoldings are mainly supported using a chain and needles that are pulled out through holes made in the walls. These are mainly the single frame type of scaffolds.
  6. Single scaffolds– These are the scaffolds that are used for the purpose of brick masonry. This also gives it the name of the scaffold for the brick layer.
  7. Double scaffolds– These forms of scaffolds are widely in use for the purpose of stone masonry and related jobs. This also gives it the name of mason scaffold. This type of scaffolding can rightly be termed as an independent form of scaffolding due to the purpose it serves. It is used for fitment in the walls made of stone and providing support to the putlogs. The scaffold in bi-layered in rows to provide it with the utmost level of robustness.

Kwikstage Scaffold – These types of scaffolds are generally prepared from galvanized steel that is hard in nature. It does not require any effort for assembling and making the structure erect.