This person, to whom you will entrust the keys of the most beautiful day of your life, you must recruit. For this, some tips are to follow not to be wrong.

Ideally you would contact the wedding planner a year before your wedding. This date is recommended by professionals to book the place you want.

If you already know your place, eight months is enough.

In case of problems, a wedding planner can be contacted until a very short time and it is also a feature of his job. Brides and grooms approach their wedding planner on average, 4 to 8 months before the wedding.


First go around the sites and see what they offer: their worlds, their styles, their photos. Select them by making a list. When you have a first list, return to their sites to discover their previous events, their books, their providers: do not rely on pictures of the same style. If the wedding planner has done many weddings, look at the styles vary. This will prove that he knows how to adapt to the demand and not impose his tastes and his providers.

When your short list has been completed, it’s time to contact the providers to meet them. The best suggession in these cases is to follow your instinct. This guardian angel will follow you for many months, as long as the feeling goes between you and you feel listened to by a passionate and attentive professional.

Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions that cross your mind, on his career or his old experiences. Ask him for pictures and pictures of his creations.

Remember that the wedding planner must grasp your expectations, understand them and rebound quickly. A good wedding planner determines your desires without even having formulated them. Make sure he will be available. For this, ask him how much he manages weddings a year.

It is essential that you get along well , at the slightest doubt, restart your search!